Welcome to Zwartkops Driver Training


Zwartkops Driver Training offers a range of proven courses developed with the AA that can help you develop safer driving habits and reduce your accident risk.

Why our courses are different:

  • Drivers get to experience what it feels like to lose control of a vehicle on the skidpan and are then shown what to do in
    these emergency situations.
  • Practical road training sessions are recorded on camera, so attendees can review their driving techniques.
  • Our courses include one-on-one driving time with a qualified driver training expert.
  • We can design courses around your specific needs, to include any outcomes you may wish your drivers to learn.
  • All courses were developed in South Africa and take the unique South African driving conditions into account.
  • We offer a full course that includes an on-road test to ensure attendees have acquired the necessary skills for safe driving.


Our courses can help you:

  • Save between 15 and 30% on fuel costs.
  • Save on wear-and-tear items like break-pads.
  • Save on insurance premiums
  • Save on reduced vehicle and staff downtime.