5 Defensive Driving Tips

Don’t be too trusting

Conservative drivers often make the mistake of assuming everyone on the road is as careful as they are. The truth is you have no idea what’s going through other drivers’ minds. They could be angry, distracted, tired or even drunk.

Observe, anticipate and plan

Defensive driving is all about being observant, anticipating problems and planning ahead. You need to anticipate the moves of the drivers around you and what you need to do to keep safe.

Be wary of indicators

Just because the car in front of you is indicating right, doesn’t mean it will actually turn. And cars will often turn without indicating. Wait and see what the driver does rather than presuming that they will follow the rules of the road.

Create a safety bubble around your car

Keep space around your car when you’re on the road so that you have room to manoeuvre when other people make mistakes. Always remember that however hard you are concentrating on the road, the person coming towards you might be messing with their phone, fiddling with the radio or just generally distracted. You can never be sure they’re going to do the right or safest thing.

If in doubt, slow down or even pull over

If the person behind you is driving erratically or too close for comfort then, when it’s safe to do so, pull over and let them pass. Driving is not a race. It’s best to play it safe and avoid putting yourself in a dangerous position.